Morning Pages: How Writing Can Help You Start Your Day

How you start your day often sets the tone for the rest of it. If you wake up feeling stressed out and rushed, that’s probably how you’ll feel all day long. But what if there was a way to start your day that would make you feel more relaxed and calm? Believe it or not, there is! Writing morning pages can help to get your day off to a good start. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what morning pages are and why writing them can help improve your day-to-day life.

What are morning pages?

Morning pages are simply a way to start your day by writing down your thoughts. They can be about anything and everything that’s on your mind, from what you plan to wear that day to what you did last weekend. Morning pages don’t have to be perfect or well-written – in fact, they shouldn’t be! The point of these pages is to get you writing, not worrying about spelling or grammar mistakes.

Why should I write morning pages?

There are many benefits to writing in the morning, and they aren’t just for writers! Writing can help clear your mind so that you’re ready for whatever comes at you throughout the day. It can also help you to focus and be more productive. Additionally, writing morning pages can help to improve your mental health by providing a space for you to express your thoughts and feelings.

How do I start writing morning pages?

The best way to start writing morning pages is by setting aside some time each morning specifically for this purpose. Dedicate a notebook or journal to morning pages, and make sure you have plenty of pens or pencils on hand. Once you’ve set aside some time each morning to write, simply sit down and start writing. There’s no need to plan what you’re going to say – just let your thoughts flow freely.

If you find that you’re struggling to get started, try using a prompt to jump-start your writing. A few prompts to get you started might be “What are my goals for today?” or “What was the best thing that happened yesterday?” You can also use these prompts to continue writing if you find yourself running out of things to say.

Once you’ve finished writing, put your notebook or journal away and get ready for your day. There’s no need to go back and edit what you wrote – just move on with the rest of your morning routine! If you’d like, though, feel free to read through what you wrote later in the day (or even tomorrow) and see if anything stands out.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on what you’ve written and ask yourself questions about it. For example, do any of your morning pages contain information that might be useful for an upcoming project or meeting? If so, make sure you write it down somewhere so that you don’t forget!

The Top 5 Home Exercises For Busy Parents

As a health-conscious, fitness-enthusiast parent, I want nothing more than setting a good example for my kids by paying attention to my body, remaining in good shape, and enjoy the boost of physical energy that being active gifts me with, every single day. Often, however, despite my best effort, reality ends up standing in my way.

Let’s face it, as a busy parent, juggling work, household, and child-rearing duties, often we simply can’t afford to lose the time driving to the gym or even spending heaps of time by hopping on the elliptical or going for a long jog or cycling session. Fortunately, as I’ve found out, if you are truly serious about your health and revamping your physique, you don’t even have to.

Take a look at the following exercise ideas designed to tighten your abs, sculpt your arms, lift your buttocks, and get you into shape in no time, without having to leave the comfort of your home. Easy-to-do in-between chores, before going to work, or even while playing with your kids, these workout ideas eliminate all those typical excuses that we usually allow to stand in our way to obtain that much-coveted ideal body.

1. Planks


  • improved core strength
  • toned tummy
  • better posture
  • stronger back
  • shapely upper arms

How To Do Them:

Get on the floor in a push-up position, elbows on the ground, right under your shoulders. You should balance on your toes and forearms, holding this position as long as you can, but at least 10 seconds. Add 5 seconds every day; before you know it, you will be able to maintain a proper plank for a minute or even longer.

2. Tricep Dips


  • sculpted triceps and shoulders
  • firmer arms
  • elimination of upper-arm “bat wings”

How To Do Them:

You can easily utilize a sturdy chair, the couch, or even your heavy, non-tipping kitchen table for this exercise. Place your hands on the edge, firmly gripping them, on each side of your hips. Next, lift your buttocks up from the seated position and begin to lower it by walking your feet forward slowly. You should be supporting your full weight with your arms and feet. Next, return to your starting position.

3. Counter Push-Ups


  • upper arm strength
  • sculpted back
  • lifted chest muscles

How To Do Them:

Facing your countertop, place your hands on its edge, shoulder-width apart. Step two steps backward. Next, slowly lower your upper body towards your hands and the edge of the counter, much like in the case of a regular push-up. Finally, return to your starting position.

4. Squats


  • stronger legs
  • sculpted glutes
  • shapely thighs

How To Do Them:

Place your legs about shoulder-width apart, facing forward. Next, slowly lower your rear end, as though you are trying to sit down on an imaginary chair. You can extend your arms in front of your body to help with your balance. Bend your upper body forward and stop moving downwards once your thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to your original position.

5. Glute Bridges


  • tightened glutes
  • toned hamstrings
  • slimmer hips
  • shapely legs

How To Do Them:

Lie on the floor on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Let your arms rest on the floor by your sides. Next, slowly lift your hips off the ground and keep moving them upwards until they form a straight line with your thighs. After a few seconds, lower them back to the ground.

I hope you agree; these exercises don’t seem too difficult to incorporate into your busy daily schedule, as a parent. If you commit to doing a few sets of them daily, you will find -much like I did,- that getting into shape is simple, effortless, and doesn’t have to be time-consuming at all!