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My name is Paula and I am the owner of and writer
for Be Happy Zone.

We have many pages of famous and inspirational poems
and quotes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

My goal is for Be Happy Zone to be the place to go to when you
need a little boost of inspiration or creative motivation.


I enjoy getting feedback about my website.

If you have a comment let me know

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Sorry we are no longer accepting poetry submissions to our website.

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I have had teachers and librarians ask to use the inspirational haiku written by me for class projects. I have also had requests to use them in a fortune cookie and a documentary film. I have said yes to all these requests. If you have a similar request, please ask me

I can only give permission to use the poems written by me. I cannot give permission for you to use poems written by others, including poems written by visitors to this site and poems whose authors are unknown.


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All information and ideas on this website are an expression of personal opinion. All the articles are written by me, unless otherwise stated, and are solely personal opinion. No ideas, views or information on this website should be taken as professional, medical, or psychological advice of any kind. Any action you take upon the information, ideas, views, suggestions, tips, or opinions presented on this website is strictly at your own risk. This website and its owner, will not be liable for any losses or damages in connection with the use of this site or any ideas or information presented or implied here.

This website contains quotations and some quoted works of literature such as poems. All quotations and poems are solely the opinion of their authors and I have attempted to attribute credit to the authors whenever they are known. This site may also contain reviews of books that I have read. Again, these books are solely the opinion of their authors. I (and this website) cannot be held responsible or liable for any of the content, ideas, or suggestions presented by any books reviewed or mentioned on this site, or any other works of art, poems, prose, pictures or quotes mentioned on this site.

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Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find my website entertaining!

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